About us

Initiated by a growing group of institutions (1) this Call to Action seeks to mobilize all stakeholders to embrace a radical shift in urban sanitation practices deemed necessary to achieve citywide inclusive sanitation.

This briefing note sets the scene and defines guiding principles for citywide inclusive sanitation. Its objective is to bring all actors – including you! – to the table to start the conversation. The principles are not set in stone and a number of speci c aspects need to be further developed to help define paths to 2030. We hope to bene t from your inputs as we de ne a global strategy for implementing this Call to Action. For more information, follow our progress at: bit.ly/CWISblog1.

Join us as we commit to this challenging and critical goal of moving to citywide inclusive sanitation by signing up at bit.ly/CWISsignup.



(1) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Emory University, Plan International, The University of Leeds, WaterAid, the World Bank.